Sunday, November 11, 2012

Robot Wars!

I spent all day Saturday at the exciting Robotics FTC competition watching Lane Tech High School on their way to (almost) victory. 
I didn't know exactly what to expect. Maybe exciting robot wars where metal messengers of death sawed through with razor sharp blades or melted with searing flame throwers their opponents (I could only hope)?
Instead, these more benign machines were designed to move rubber doughnuts from one location to another. The more you move, the more points you get. Around 30 High Schools were involved and Leo's Lane Tech team (let me take a little Fatherly liberty and assume son Leo was the mastermind behind the team) clawed their way through dozens of elimination bouts to make it to the final round!
There must have been some cheating involved because the other team "technically" won by scoring "more" points, but Lane Tech will always be #1 in our hearts!

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