Sunday, November 11, 2012


A story-
When I was around 6 we moved to Flushing, New York, residing in apartment 2E of one of the Skyline Tower buildings.
Still remembering that number proves that word association works, because I always thought of it as "Two Eggs". We w
ere a stones throw from the Botanical Gardens and a nice stroll to the remnants of the 64/65 World's Fair.
One Sunday morning before Mom and Dad were awake, I got it in my head to go out and get the Sunday paper. Little sister Annie was standing up in her crib watching me put my boots on while I informed her that if anyone asked where I was, tell them that I'd be right back. I took her silent stare as confirmation.
I went out the building with some change from my piggy bank and made my way to Main St. I had on a pair of shorts, but my winter jacket completely covered them. I started to worry that it looked like I wasn't wearing any pants. My solution was to move to the far left of the sideway and now walk in that gap between the parked cars and the parking meters. I reasoned that if the meter pole was between me and everyone else every ten feet or so I'd be much less visible. I made it to the corner of Franklin and Main to a Diner I remembered sold papers and made my purchase.
On the way back I now also had the paper to help cover my nudity.
I must have buzzed in because Mom and Dad were anxiously waiting at the door. "Where have you been?!" was the main thrust of the conversation. I said that Annie as supposed to tell them, but apparently she didn't realize the importance of my request and instead fell back asleep. I gave them the paper and got plenty of hugs in return. Dad said, "We're so proud of you that I'm going to raise your allowance by ten cents!"
Not thinking it through that I was going to get that extra ten cents every week, I did some math in my head. The newspaper cost 20 cents. I get 10 cents.
I just lost 10 cents on the deal!
I didn't dwell on it though, I was ready for some breakfast and reading Peanuts.

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