Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Memories!

Gather around everybody for another adorable tale of Mitch O'Connell and his youthful adventures!

This amusing story also takes place in Flushing where it now seems I had earned the trust of my Mom to make Big City trips all by myself.
With a dollar bill securely buttoned in my front pocket I was to make the walk (A block? Seven miles? Memory fails me, but let's go with seven miles) to the barber shop.
My only instruction was to request "A little off the top."
The journey was made successfully. I clearly recall standing in the doorway. The two barbers and their customers turned in my direction. I took the dollar out of my pocket, held it in front of me and exclaimed, "A LITTLE OFF THE TOP PLEASE!"
Laughter enthused.
I immediately ran all the way home.

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