Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sex in Comic Part 2! The top 100 strangest, suggestive and steamy vintage comic book covers of all time!

"Sex" is in the title because I know how you people think
when you're doing a Google search,
but along with delivering on that promise, I might just throw in a few plain 'ol weird, wild and wacky double entendre goofballs in the mix too!
The previous installment-
was getting a little crowded with 100's and 100's of insanely kooky and krazy comic PANELS, so I thought I'd give the equally nutty COVERS, SPLASH PAGES and ADS a whole blog of their own!  
Keep checking back, 'cause I'm sure it'll be actually up to 100 asap, and over 1000 before you know it! 

You know what they say Circus Boy, Big Feet...

Every eposide of Jerry Springer-

It doesn't seem that hard to outwit him, just bring two guns to his tomahawk.

I'm not sure what makes Dirty Demon dirty, but I can guess.

Even before Seinfeld, there was always shrinkage.

Only in the Bizarro world should the activity of "rubbing"
take place between a Scoutmaster and a couple of scouts.
And not even then.

I just like that a selling point to boys for a collection
of fighter military jets is "HARMLESS!"

The power of Bettie Page.
Even Santo doesn't have the energy to cuddle afterwards.

Dr. Frankenstein's dating dilemmas!

When "The Crotch Grabber" attacks!
That it happens to be issue #69 is just a bonus.
No extra charge!

Doesn't he know he's in the "I Love You" comic?

Before the auction rules were changed, this was an ebay success story.

The orignal title was "Shit Faced Romance."

"I knew it! I DO have the world's largest penis!" proudly exclaims Danny.

I see Paris, I see France, Sunny isn't wearing underpants!

Gift giving on a budget.

Scared Straight!

Isn't that all women?
Goodnight everyone, you've been fantastic!

I guess it could be worse.

Yes, it's already on every other website, but how can I not include one of the greatest covers of all time?!

My lifelong complaint that they're aren't enough trout in comics has FINALLY been addressed!

"Your Favorite Pin-Up"? Stop reading my mind!

I'm much too clasy to write a caption for this one.

How many times does Batman have to explain the proper way of asphyxiation?!

The side of the Smurfs that they DON'T want you to know about!

I use the same wording in my description.

Not what I expected when I ordered a comic title "Tit-Bits"!

A monster so horrible it will PROPERLY TIE YOUR TIE!
I usually have to get my kids to help me.

Wonder Woman, we have some good/bad news for you.
The good news is that something big, pink and hard is headed directly toward your vagina and it's ready to explode.
The bad news is...

Blek, the boy with the odd crime fighting penis!

Proper cowboys only were pink panties on weekends!

Kids Love Comics!

The 'ol one, two!
I'll punch him in the jaw, and you poke him in the anus!

Lesser know superhero, "The Groper," will save your life, but he'll cop a feel in the process.
You'll  live, but feel very dirty afterwards

The fashion police make an arrest!
The chaps should ALWAYS match your cap!

Oh no you di int!

What a parent purchases when the kids want a comic and EVERY SINGLE OTHER TITLE is sold out!

What a perfect place for a commerical!
Coming (no bad pun intended) this November, the greatest book ever published!
I'm pretty sure it's only a "civil partnership."

Bill finds out that three's a crowd.

Bonus! Along with odd covers, I'm running across a few extra-ordinary advertising selections too.
From the fist issue of "Hee Haw" 1970. Along with the country young-uns, apparently Dad is a target audience too!
Hee Hee A Haw Haw Haw!

Bonus! Along with odd covers, I'm running across a few extra-ordinary advertising selections too.
From a 1953 issue of the appropriately titled horror comic, "Strange Fantasy," comes this solution for a nonexistent problem. You don't see any males answering any "Reduce Large Penis Appearance" ads, do you?

Not sure why the artist got so carried away with crotch folds, but he inadvertently created "Dan Depends," the first hero who wore adult diapers.

Try as I might, I just can't think of a positive spin to put on the "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"Batman/Superman look exchange.

Not since the famous "train entering a tunnel" scene in Hitchcock's classic film North by Northwest has train symbolism been used so subtly.


Sorry for the small jpeg, but no matter what the size, it contains an overflowing heaping helping of head scratching "just plain wrong."
Wha?! This is the World's BEST cover!
Yes, instead of random advertising, I only interrupt to mention my own stuff, and in this case, it's my new book of art!
Order it now @

From the fun filled "Marvel Super Heroes Activity Book"!

Happy to see you!

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  1. Where do you find all this wacky stuff? haha I love it! The Italian La Poliziotta cover says "against a sadistic gang of queer motorcyclists".. Notice how the humongous pene (penis)of the cop on the left has been outlined in his shorts.. Suggestive? lol

  2. Not that it needs any more wrongness, but the Memín cover says "special gargles" in the corner...

  3. Raging boner, more like it. The cop really enjoys his work.

  4. I realize this is a panel, but I only stumbled across this last night. In panel six, note the nurse's lame excuse for letting a client die on her watch:

  5. I LIVE for stuff like this and have been waiting for part 2. Awesome! Thank you.

  6. adding insult to injury in #56: "gárgaras especiales" translates to: "special gargles"

  7. To comment on number 50.... because in Dan's case, when he forgets his Depends he has to deal with the 'beast oracle of uranus' back there

  8. Just for the hey of it, I will be posting free tattoo designs
    at the new "mitchoconnellart" on Instagram.
    And scantily clad cheerleaders.
    And kittens riding hot air balloons.
    And whatever else it takes to get 1,000,000 followers!

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