Saturday, April 14, 2012

Speaking of Svengoolie...

Here's sumpthin' I posted way back in the Myspace days…

Artist/Student/Musician/Dude Leo O'Connell is getting more publicity than his father. I trying my damnedest not to get jealous and bitter! Spooky channel 26 "The U" TV horror host, Svengoolie, has featured the cute (moving into handsome) 11-year old twice on recent programs. Once, when he had a photo taken with Sven that my pal Bill Reinhold photoshopped to humorous results and a second time when he sent in a great hand drawn portrait of the TV star. You can tell that Leo has a career as an illustrator in his future 'cause he's all ready picky about how is art is reproduced. We were all excited when his drawing was planned to be broadcast (Sven gave us a heads up). I was filming my young man with a camcorder as we watched the show to capture what was sure to be an ear to ear grin. When the magic moment arrived instead he knit his brow and complained, "Hey, he cut off half my drawing (few of the monsters he had drawn around the portrait ended up being cropped out)!". Ahhh, to still care about how your work ends up! It brings back memories.

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  1. Fun Fact!
    My first art on the then titled "Son of Svengoolie" show were conte crayon monster drawings on newsprint shown on air in the early '80s done when I got bored in life drawing class at the American Academy of Art (yes, you can get bored drawing naked people at some point).
    If you have tapes from around '81-'82, look for my doodles!