Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rondo Awards!

Real life at the O'Connell household.

Kieran just woke up and sat down next to me.
"Remember that Rondo award thing?" I mention.
She ponders, "Yeah."
I break the news as gently as possible, "Well, I didn't win."
Kieran raises her eyebrows and blurts, "Uh ...who thought you would?!"

Girl, "Mr. McHoppysoftbottomflutternutspangledrawers, what's the difference between Mitch O'Connell and an award winning artist?"
Mr. McHoppysoftbottomflutternutspangledrawers whispers in girls ear.
Girl, "That's right Mr. McHoppysoftbottomflutternutspangledrawers!"
They both laugh.

‎"Did you hear Mr. Fluffyknickerpoo? Mitch didn't even come close to winning a Rondo award!" exclaimed Jennifer.
"I pretended it was Mitch I was covering up with cat litter after my morning shit!" replied Mr. Fluffyknickerpoo.
Then they both laughed!

Him, "I just paid for dinner, let's go so you can put out."
Her, "I'm saving myself for that hot Mitch O'Connell!"
Him, "Did you hear he didn't win a Rondo award?"
Her, "Do me on this table!"

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