Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Most Sexist Images EVER!

"The Most Sexist Images EVER! is my Google "Come on" to get you here to take a peek at this joke theme that was used without irony at least until the '70's.
I also have plenty of images of ladies WEARING meat, long before Lady Gaga was attired in sirloin, (this has been happening since there have been Bratwurst Queens) but that's a whole different topic, we're talking about woman AS the meat
What is to gleamed from this?
The joke that's funny because it's true?
You only have to look at the platforms of the Republican candidates to answer that question (Look! I'm political!).
The poor quality of gag writers who couldn't think of a
new joke and had to recycle this one?
Something to be outraged about (or just another example that men are insensitive and have no understanding of women)?

But I understand you baby.
Just curl up right here and go on and on about whatever is rattling around in that beautiful head of yours.
I'll also make listening sounds when you read your newest poetry.
Right after we make the love.


  1. Egad.... I forget how far? we've come.

  2. What's especially disquieting is the way the butcher's holding his cleaver in the last cartoon. And the two little--bones?--sticking up from his apron.

  3. I suppose as a female I should be offended, but I'm too busy laughing. Oh, and I'm a Republican too.

  4. Ah, different from beefcake, studmuffin, or hunk.

  5. Ah, different from beefcake, studmuffin, or hunk.

    Women were considered men's property for most of history. Men do not occupy the same area of context.

    1. No one and I mean no one welcomes being viewed as an object, especially by women who can't or won't see that objectivization is the same thing, regardless of gender. Stuff your context and STOP objectifying men. You have been warned.

    2. Calm down dude. Men do occupy a different context to women. I think you should check your privilege, stop threatening anonymous people in the comments thread, and learn something about our history and culture of gender inequality before you come crying to an entirely inappropriate forum about how hard it is for you that there are male models on bill-boards or whatever it is that upsets you. Be a little less self-involved and acknowledge the suffering of others, not just the suffering of yourself (if indeed you suffer). Your perceived oppression of men doesn't stem from a lack of civil rights or the tonnes of different ways which we see women being oppressed across societies for centuries, it stems from a culture where occasionally, male stereotypes work against you. That doesn't equate to sexism. I'm really tired of this selfish (but thankfully small) cluster of men who are fed by a culture of entitlement and complaint which fosters their self-pity at every turn. So cry me a freakin' river already!

  6. Agreed. However I think you meant "gleaned" not "gleamed".

  7. Those are awesome.... very funny. I grew up in the wrong time. :/

  8. @Emily Gordan - Those are butcher knife handles, not bones.

  9. Viewing these images tells us much about societal norms that oppress women. And of the societal norms that oppress animals. Carol J Adam's book The Sexual Politics of Meat uncovers both.

  10. that was America in the 70's...
    This is Colombia in 2012


  11. And nobody's brought up Dolcett? Internet, I am disappoint.

  12. There is also a 70s rock album called America's Choice with a photo of a woman's rump stamped like meat

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  14. good men made this, this is how a true man thinks