Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Underwear is Fun to Wear! The top 1000 photos of the strangest, silliest and sexiest unmentionables EVER!

Even if you go commando, you'll still chuckle, guffaw and titter at these Pretty Panties, Boisterous Briefs, Jokey Jockeys, Naughty Knickers, Bizarre Boxers and Uncommon Undies (and yes, oddball and nutty too)!

The unsung forces of WW2- the fighting "Clothing Optional Corps."

My dick used to get exhausted by 3pm.

Munsingwear's ads of the 40s are the most amazingly- well, ...amazingly amazing.

This underwear packaging... OMG!
I didn't take a photo of it when I first walked by because even I was too creeped out. But right before I left I decided to rise above my personal distaste and document it for you, my blog buddies!
I just hope these kids are still alive!

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