Friday, January 20, 2012

And While You're Buying Things...

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Don't think you need to? Just read this overwhelming praise for "Mitch O'Connell Tattoos" for goodness sake!

Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly
"Beautiful color drawings. Mitch O'Connell is a master of skin deep kitsch"

Total Tattoo Magazine
4 star rating ""Aficionados of all things low brow will know the name Mitch O'Connell. Mitch O'Connell Tattoos is a beautifully produced, chunky little volume which will provide much inspiration to tattooists and collectors who want something with the flavour of old school, traditional tattoos but with the unique flair and style of the esteemed Mr. O'Connell."

Tattoo Revue Magazine
"If you're not familiar with Mitch's work you must be new to this planet. Smart, funny and exceedingly well executed, Mitch O'Connell Tattoos is sure to kick start even the most sluggish ink lover into a body art frenzy"

Tiki Magazine
"He's fueled by an incredible imagination and innate sense of humor"

Chicago Journal Newspaper
"Mitch O'Connell has established himself as one of the busiest, most talented, and most recognizable illustrators in Chicago. Mitch O'Connell tattoos is a beautiful artifact, with vivid color printing and heavy stock paper."

Prick Tattoo Magazine
"He has a very distinctive style that combines cartoony illustrations with iconic imagery and kitschy subject matter to create lowbrow masterpieces."

Bizarre Magazine
"This magnificent book combines a sizzling selection of Mitch's screaming skulls. lascivious ladies, drag racing demons and kitsch kitties. Each one of them the perfect flesh adornment for everyone from rockabily rebels and flag-waving patriots, to the broken hearted or just plain crazy."

International Tattoo Art Magazine
"Mitch O'Connell is an illustrator, and a damn good one. One of the top illustrators in the country, in fact. You can tell an O'Connell image from as far as you can see it, which is high praise indeed. As a recipe for quasi-traditional skin illustration, it can't be beat. Chubby composition, clear and easy to read, and eyeball-friendly. Plus- and this can't be overstated for it's vaule-he knows his imagery playbook. You gotta love it."

Urban Ink Magazine
"Whether you're looking for some tattoo inspiration or you're a fan of cool retro illustrations, this is a must have for your library collection. This guy has been kickin' some of the coolest pieces of art ever to see daylight. O'Connell's illustrations are absolutely the best."

Hi-Fructose Magazine
"These tattoos are the bee's knees. They harken back to an era where a tattoo was a Tattoo. This book is a testament to a prolific illustrator whom respects the art, craft, and heritage of ink so much he might just be the guy to save it."

Illo. Magazine
"O'Connell's art is reminiscent of the classic tattoo designs from masters such as Sailor Jerry Collins and Don Ed Hardy, but features O'Connell's distinctive surrealistic style and profoundly warped sense of humor. Whether you are a tattoo aficionado or not is irrelevant, as this collection of drawings should appeal to anyone interested in contemporary comics, hot chicks, surrealism, or just-plain-strange.

WPWR Channel 50 Chicago
"The World's Best Artist!"

"The leader of Lowbrow art"

Nashville Scene
"Influential but untouched, and above all, cool."

Car Culture DeLuxe
"Fun, diverse and witty. When it comes to creating pop kitsch, Mitch O'Connell is the best of the best."

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