Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mitch Recommends!

Too late to see it in Chicago, but catch Crispin Glover on tour when he screens "EVERYTHING IS FINE" psycho-sexual tale about a man with severe cerebral palsy (written and starring Steven C. Stewart who actually has cerebral palsy PLUS the amazing Bruce Glover who has a mesmerizing blue jump/leisure suit) with a fetish for girls with long hair that he kills off one by one.
In sh
ort, your typical Hollywood blockbuster.
An amazing film, especially when Crispin explains the story behind the movie. 4 stars!
One of the stars is for the sets alone, especially a surreal football length red carpeted basement. Plus, it shows that if you're a film director, you can get alot of women to take their tops off.
"ACTION!" Hmmmm. Didn't work!
It's preceded by his equally interesting book slide show readings.
You can't go wrong!

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