Monday, January 16, 2012

The top 1000 Hottest Hot Dogs, Weirdest Wieners, Freaky Frankfurters and Pseudo Penises!

Whatever you want to call 'em,

you know they aren't good for you,
you shouldn't have them anywhere near your mouth,
and they're very, very oddly funny!

So raise your PBR to the new Blog BBQ,
where we're just serving up the steamiest of sassy sausages!

Hot dog! If you enjoy these, you'll LOVE the equally delicious new book,
"Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist"!

Hot Dog! Visit today!

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  1. The Weeny Witch is awesome and inspiring.

  2. The nativity scene is mind-blowing! Also love, love, love the Weight Watcher recipe cards. Wow.

  3. Okay, that was just amazing. I'd hardly seen any of these, and some were huge surprises. The Jerry Lewis being dutch-doored by doggies I once used in a collage, but the rest was really new. I am looking forward to seeing this page reach it's numeric goal. Keep up the good work, Mitch.

  4. Best hot dog page on the internet!