Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Days!

A Time For Giving (you)!
A Time For Getting (me)!
Thanks to the amazing Beth (Vicious Velvet) Cisco, for the early b-day surprise of greatest painting every created in the history of humankind.
"Mitch, what about the Mona Lisa? That's a much better painting!" some sorry excuse for shoes asks.
"Better not to speak and be thought a fool th
en to speak and remove all doubt." the wise Mitch responds. He continues, "Does the Mona Lisa have actual tassels, that, with the aid of a 9 volt battery, actually SPIN in F**KING CIRCLES?!!"
Thank you again my BBBF of the black velvet canvas.
The M.O'C basement of wonderment now has it's crown jewel!

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