Friday, March 11, 2011

Coaster Hunt!

Don't know if I got Tom this art in time to be slapped on a coaster, but if I did, look for it at…

During the week of March 12-19, Tom Huck's Evil Prints and Pabst Blue ribbon present a scaveneger head hunt to end all scavenger head huntz! Scattered throughout specially chosen bars in the St Louis area, when you order an "EVIL HEAD" or a PBR.....(for this week theyre the same thing!), you will get yerself a limited edition PBR/EVIL HEAD COASTER with unique/hand printed EVIL HEAD ART by Tom Huck, Gary Panter, Bill Fick, Sean Star Wars, Marc Hosford, Cannon Ball Press, Artemio Rodriguez, and MANY MORE! But wait, while thats cool enuff....we here at EP are about more bang for your EVIL BUCK! Collect them all and win a big ol surprise sumthin at Tom Huck's Printbangers ball on March 19th! Thats right Kids, hunt some headz and get some free stuff! Participating bars are:

Atomic Cowboy, Blueberry Hill, The Silver Ballroom, 34 Club, Petra Café & Hookah Lounge, Tin Can Tavern (Morganford), El Borracho and DB’s.

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