Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Times (back in the day)!

Used to take all afternoon walks with my son Leo when he was a 'lil squirt (yes, I got some crazy hair going, but concentrate instead on how damn cute that kid of mine is). These are some of the pages from a keepsake book I made of the fun I had going on these strolls (and I'm pretty sure Leo enjoyed himself too). Pal Frank Fruzyna tagged along with us one day and snapped all the great pics of Leo and me together. We'd leave the condo in Roger's Park and hit a million points of interest, (equipped with a bag of peanuts for any hungry squirrels) including, but no where limited to, multiple playgrounds, the Armadillo's Pillow used book store, french fries at McDonalds, the lake, Larry's Comic Store and just sittin' around and shootin' the breeze. Of my favorite times on the planet earth, these may be equaled, but never topped.

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