Friday, March 4, 2011

From the Archives!

From the Archives!
The much loved Bruce Ramsey, the art director who is pretty much in charge of my self esteem, standing in the illustration community and personal wealth by throwing me a chance to do a Newsweek cover every couple of years or so. One of those times he called for a cover on the topic "1968" and was seeing if I could ha
ndle a "Peter Max" look. "Yes, of course I can do a Peter Max style!"(say "Yes" to everything. Even if you can't, you can figure it out quick enough.), then I followed with, "Why didn't you call Peter Max, as far as I know he's still drawing." (Whoops! Think before you speak)! Bruce thought I could handle it just fine, so I started working all weekend and came up with a big batch of cover roughs and one was picked to complete. Later in the day I was just a few hours away from another finished Newsweek cover, happily daydreaming of having it framed in the living room for guests to ogle at, then Bruce called me.
"Mitch, the job has died. Peter Max is now doing the cover."
If there's ever a need for a cover on the '80's in a Mitch O'Connell style, here's hoping I end up with the assignment!

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