Monday, August 26, 2013

Endless Flea Market Finds!

Flea Market Finds!
It was slim pickings at the Wolffs Flea Market, but I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:30am to snap a few pics and take home a couple items …to entertain YOU!
#1 Dear Warner Bros lawyers- Batman? We never heard of him! This is Dark Pointy Headed Man- a whole different superhero!

#2 You had me at "Rumpus Room," you lost me at "$25."

#3 My favorite find of the day, because it meets the "What the f**k?!" level of bewilderment.
"You know what's missing in the knickknack shopping world?" says the chief executive, "Shell boys fishing!!!"

#4 Just how I found it at the vendors table. Where do I start? From the company you can trust- "ManStaff."

#5 I already have one, but when another appears for $30-
I only have so much willpower!

#6 The vendor wasn't there when I picked it up ready to haggle over the price, and I never got around to returning. I really feel bad about it. Not for myself, but for poor Alyson who is constantly lamenting that there isn't enough clown memorabilia in the house!
Sorry Dear! I vow to be a better husband in the future!

#7 Tis not quite the season for Santa- but it's always Liberace season at the O'Connell manor!

#8 I found this stuffed carnival prize for my son which reminded me of a story.

Some background information.
A dozen or so years ago, at the State Fair in Maine, Leo won a foot high Pikachu by picking the correctly numbe
red floating rubber ducky. That became his inseparable companion during our week long visit at Grandma's. That is, until our final day of vacation, when it vanished (we believe the annoying neighbor kid had something to do with it).
Now forget I told you that.

Flash forward two years.
Leo, Kieran and I were dropping their mother off at the airport. As we left O'Hare with the youngsters snug in their carseats, Kierans little bottom lip started quivering, then a flood of tears burst forth as she exclaimed, "I miss my mom!" Leo, seeing this, got caught up in the emotional moment, started crying and yelled, "I miss my Pikachu!"

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