Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Forget ComicCon, THIS is the Entertainment Event of the Year!

Batman and Robin make a surprise appearance at the Eisenhower Library Comic Con!
This is a fun, free, family event about 10 minutes from my house. It's a day full of enjoyable events for the neighborhood kids (costume contest, game playing, craft projects and more), a half dozen vendors selling comics and toys, plus a room full of comic creators happy to chit chat (and doodle) away!
Knowing that my little buddy would be a guest with me at the comic con,
I had the idea of dressing him as Batman.
Aiden is fine with that, but he's no fan of cowls.
The following evening a lightbulb went off when I wondered if they make adult Robin costumes.
You can guess the answer.

Read more (and get ready for next year) at-

By 2pm, Batman needs to take a break
(after all, he was fighting crime all evening)!

But he wakes right up when the ladies stop by!


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