Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fez Fest! An Artist Salute to the Shriner in All of Us!

FezFest was everything that's right with an art event!
a) First and formost- F.U.N.!
b) A cool and visually rich theme, in this case, the wonderful mysterious world of Masons, Shriners and their exotic garb!
c) Have live entertainment. And if you're going to do it, why not have the most memorable live entertainment?
Belly dancing and a miniature Shriner car parade anyone?!
d) Get a group of like-minded artists who will take the paintbrush and run with it!
e) Have the art lovers attending dress up in their best fez apparel. Now everyone is part of the party!
f) Give to charity. Proceeds of the sales went to the Shriner's Hospital for Children!
g) And just for the hell of it, throw in a big spread of delicious gallery snacks!
Most amazingly of all, after hundreds of hours of work, this one night only show was just able to shine for 4 hours. But they were 4 bright hours indeed!
Thanks to the fine folks at the fest for involving the O'Connell family in another of their contributions to making the world a better place. To my fellow creative folks, when they announce their next show, do yourself a favor and hop on board!
Attached are a bunch of photos, mainly of Aiden enjoying himself, to give you a slight feel for the show. I would have taken more, but we were a little late for some of the above described entertainment. I've found that yelling "Hurry up putting on that G** **m*** *u****g makeup!" doesn't seem to make that person move any faster.

The most amazing event of the year!
An interactive exhibit showcasing the Fez in art, history and pop culture!Fez wearing! Mixed Drinks! Shriner Car Parade! Naughty Artwork!
And Much Much MORE!

I'll have three 18 by 24" fez themed fancy canvas prints available at Fez Fest for $250 each. 100% of the sale of these 3 pieces goes to Shriners Hospitals for Children (in case you missed it, the implication being that I am a wonderful, kind, caring individual destioned for sainthood)!
For ALL the details-


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