Monday, July 21, 2014

Urban Chainsaw Massacre- a Blast from the Past!

When around 20, while still attending The American Academy of Art and living in my Dad's basement (a just fine basement by the way), I had a spurt of doing a few stories and one cover for Heavy Metal magazine. For this story, The Moviegoer, I think I had just finished a school assignment of a scratchboard illustration (a ye olden method where you draw in reverse by scratching away the black coating on a white board) and must have liked it, since I went and did 4 pages on my own (but not enough to ever try it again). As for the story, I was obviously influenced by my love of attending every horror/sci-fi/wacky movie released during the time. Also, when you have a personal vision, why not star yourself? Plus my modeling fees were very reasonable.
After it was finished, I showed it to Julie Simmons-Lynch, the HM editor, who must have been hard up to fill out the issue. The rest is Art + Storytelling History!

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