Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cheesecake Anyone? A Salute to the American Pin-Up!

Thanks to David Metzger and the whole crew that put together "Cheesecake Anyone?" at the Artspace Gallery in downtown Elgin! It proves that, if you're going to bother doing something, go balls to the wall. Luckily David didn't literally do that, but instead decorated the walls with beautiful pin-up art. And had a parade of vintage hot-rods on the street! And decked out the table with delicious snacks! And filled the floor with lovely ha-cha-cha models! And had Alyson set up to do gorgeous glamour make-up sessions! And had raffles and prizes! And had sexy Peep Shows! And… And…
Let me catch my breath!
Also, David was kind enough to give me a whole wall featuring a 2' high M.O'C signature on display where I spent most of the evening taking selfies and exclamimg. "That's ME!". The huge space was filled at least 3 times over during the evening and everyone who attended was as pleased as punch (especially if they had more than two glasses of the punch)!
Luckily there were professional photographers snapping away, but I have a few, out of focus, underlit and overlit phone pics to give you just a small taste of the show you were either thrilled to attend, or need to get to today!

The life of a Pin-Up Gallery Mastermind-
Instead of ending the evening with models on both arms,
David fills his hands with a mop and paper towels.
We can only hope that things improved at the after party!

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