Friday, May 30, 2014

The Most Amazing 9/11 Tribute …EVER!

With the opening of the official 9/11 Memorial Museum in NY, I was reminded of another museum tribute to that horrific event, at the Toy Museum in Mexico City.
At the end of our tour at the mesmerizing and highly recommended Museo Del Jugute Mujam (aka Antique Toy Museum Mexico) I stopped in my tracks, made a "What Th-" face then rubbed my eyes as if "No- it COULDN'T be!".

After at least an hour or two viewing the weird and wacky, comical and cute and kitschy and krazy throughout the building, this 9/11 construction's fast 180 emotional turn gave me a 'lil whiplash.
What's extra great about the museum is that they not only have the most amazing collection of crap (I always use the word "crap" fondly), they often go the extra step and create artistic visions with the toys.
This tribute to 9/11 is the most jarring example. The planes and towers are all filled with rubber and plastic heroes to show, well, to show that the creators heart was in the right place.

I'm still amazed!

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