Monday, May 12, 2014

Supper Clubbin'!

For Mother's Day, Alyson and I did something that hasn't been done since the 50s- we went on a Sunday drive!
Where we ended up was at a softly lit velvety and soothing plush leather filled dining experience, the Hobnob in Wisconsin. We read about it in 
Dave Hoekstra's The Supper Club book, and once we saw the iconic 1954 exterior, we knew it was well worth the hour and a half trip. Without reservations, we managed to snare seats at the luxurious bar and enjoy adult beverages (for the non-pregnant one of us) and a steak dinner while overlooking Lake Michigan.
Here's a murky peek at the mesmerizing mid-century blend of classy and gaudy with a handful of cell phone pics, so make sure to see it with your own eyes asap!
Apparently it was purchased by a new owner in 1990, so, if I can make just one constructive suggestion, drop the early 90s changes. For example, have me repaint the Martini art on the building, the primary colors of the tacky bland prints in the dining room could be switched with b&w vintage pics of the Hobnob's history, and that carpet needs to be replaced with a Liberace shiny gold shag, but besides that, we give it a 1000% recommendation!
Great food, great view and great staff!

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  1. If the whole world looked like this, I'd be happier about living on it.