Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sexercises …Erotic Secrets from the Master of Love!

During lovemaking, the lucky Mrs. O'Connell will usually make the same silly fun loving jokes, "Are you done yet?!", "Get off me!" and "I think something was put in my drink!", but she always end up seriously exclaiming, "What the hell was that?"
I humbly reply, "No thanks necessary M'Lady".
My secret? 10 years of religiously following the exercise routines from the classic 1967 workout book, "Sexercises".

The vitally important "Pelvic Thrust". One reason I was asked to tender my membership at the YMCA. Apparently doing this for an hour or two in the workout room makes people "uncomfortable". Now I do my 6 hour exercise regime in the comfort of my home, mainly on my round white faux fur covered waterbed (if you know what I'm talkin' about, and I think you do!).

These are my end game moves. It's like the circus has come to town (or at least the trained seals) as I flip flop my way into your heart (and pants). Gentleman, NEVER TRY THE BACK-LYING ARCH unless you've reached my skill level (which would be impossible). If, after thrusting your girl in the air, the landing is not done with pinpoint precision, painful (very, very painful) results could follow!

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