Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time to break out the winter clothes!

This is from about 3 years back.
I found these funny sweat pants that had
plaid "Juicy" lettering crudely sewn on the rear at the thrift store.
I had no idea Juicy was a brandname until my much more
hip daughter informed me (I believe the word "duh!"
was used during the informing).
So the story in my head is, the granddaughter begged
and pleaded for Juicy pants.
Grandma saw they were $140, and decided
it would be just as good if she handmade a pair.
So, brown sweats + a cut up dish towel = Happy Birthday!
Granddaughter opens gift, has an earth-shattering meltdown,
and they're donated to the Salvation Army the next day.

And that afternoon, a young man (me) with
a vision for a funny photo op, purchases 'em!

Photographer Kieran wouldn't allow me to pose in front of the house
(especially after I thought cutting off the bottom of my t-shirt
would make it even more hilarious), so we had to move to the
more secluded back yard. She took 3 pics while nervously
darting her eyes back and forth then declared "That's it!"

Just another day at the O'Connell household.

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