Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chicago 1963, Everyone Loves A Parade!

Even Slappy the Clown can't keep
that frown for long when he's
in the middle of so much fun!
I found a flea market stack of mesmerizing colorful
50 year old Chicago parade photos from 1963.
I love the flowered floats and the
peeks behind them of Chicago in the 60s.
The Uptown Chamber of Commerce slogan of
"We Vacuum Our Streets (I'm often in Uptown, and I'm pretty
sure that service ended years ago),"
Mike McCarthy Lincoln/Mercury has a jet in a bottle
and the mouth watering liquor store's
8 foot high beer and tequila bottle display.
Entertainment abounds in the background
according to the movie theatre marquees.
Hitchcock's "The Birds" is playing at the
State and Lake, Sam Fuller's "Naked Kiss
 is at The Woods(?) and The Loop has
"A Merry Adult Romp 'Male Companion'
He Never Got Any Sleep"!

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  1. Hi Mitch,

    The parade pictures are great. Using google maps, it looks like WGN Flag hasn’t changed much. Neither has the building next to it ..
    7984 S South Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL