Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello? Is this Mitch?

I just got a phone call from a Mr. John Romita Sr.
Jus Sayin'!
I had mailed off a copy of my book to the actual
World's Best Artist (and a HUGE inspiration)
and he was kind enough to give me a ring to say thanks!
So if you wonder why I have an extra spring in my step,
well now you know the answer!

fyi- an example of me doing my best to emulate
Mr. Romita, and an excerpt from my book...

A tribute from "The World's Best Artist"…
"I have a folder labeled "Perfect Comic Art". Filed inside are hundreds of pages cut out of early 1960's DC Comic's romance books. What makes them perfect? They're all drawn by John Romita. John (you may call him Mr. Romita) has accomplished the most concise, clear and clean problem solving, figuring out how to abstract real life into a minimal series of brush strokes. 

Most artists have high and low patches, but somehow The Johnster's (you may call him Mr. Romita) work is always, well ...perfect! Every image in every panel is graceful and never stiff, dynamic and never dull, soft where need be and sharp when called for. Do you want to illustrate a man's eyebrow? It's 3 bold swoops, short one down, big stoke up and arch down again to a point toward the ear. How do you convey the shine on wavy black hair? No problem! Page #3 of "Invitation to Heartbreak". The folds on a blazer with just the right amount of lines? Page #7 of "One Love Too Many!". How to pay your bills on an artists income? Page... OK! He can't solve all your problems! 
Johnnyboy (you may call him Mr. Romita. BTW, me letting go of a joke has as much chance as happening as an alligator letting go of your arm) famously went on to bring life to all the Marvel universe, but the noncostumed stories have been the ones I've gleamed the most from (by "gleam", myself and Roy Lichtenstein mean "trace")."

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