Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Roy Lichtenstein - Menace or Marvel?!

Shy superstar artist Hilary Barta, well known for keeping his thoughts and opinions to himself, is coaxed into the limelight and lets loose, holding court on the subject of Roy Lichtenstein for The Chicago Tribune …and The World!
Now shhhhhhhhh! We're listening to Hilary Barta…..


Plus- a great site showing the before/after of Lichtenstein's art…


I wonder what he's saying in this photo…

"This is my favorite finger!"
"Where's the rest of the comic book?"
"Is it time for my ice cream?"
"I need 65 more cents to catch the bus"
"Whaam" rhymes with "Ham"! I can do that with most any word!"

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  1. I actually turned the interview down when I was first asked, as did several other Chicago comic artists. But I ended up talking with the reporter later, who is a nice guy, and I became curious about seeing the show. None of the other artists shared my ambivalence about Lichtenstein. They see him as a thief and a hack.