Tuesday, May 15, 2012

C.B. Radio Owners Make Better Lovers!

The frenzied "high-tech" '70s CB fad (kids, it's a personal radio device originally used mostly by truckers to communicate that then spread to include anyone that hopped on the bandwagon) now seem like talking between rooms with tin cans and a string, but to a large number of wannabecool Americans of the time, it was quite the thing.
If it was good enough for The Dukes of Hazzard, Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson and Betty Ford, it was good enough for you!
How could you go wrong coming up with your own handle and getting to say  "Good Buddy" and "Breaker, Breaker" all the live long day?
These folks (below) took it up a notch and printed up their very own Citizen Band calling cards. With the examples I picked, it seems like when you spend 24/7 being cramped up in your big rig, your thoughts can drift off to other subjects besides watching out for Smokey. Plus, I'll always have a fondness for illustrations done from the heart without that annoying art "schooling" getting in the way.

Who's up for a CONVOY?!

And to practice fitting in...


  1. You have obviously NOT been on a CB in the past few years. While it was once a respectable form of communication, it has since been taken over by the very bottom rung of society. You cannot go 2 minutes without hearing certain four letter words and the topics of conversation are less than desired among intelligent and sane people. It was not always this way. Once it was intelligent itself, but CB failed to police itself and so it now suffers the devastating consequences of that decision.

    When I recently decided to get back into radio after an absence of several years, I listened to CB and immediately decided against it. Even as I type this, there is a Robyn SB-520D base station with SSB sitting not three feet away from me. Underneath this on the shelf below and NOT connected (and likely to be NEVER connected) is a Silver Eagle microphone. The kind of intelligence I sought on CB has long since vanished, to be replaced by juvenile chatter that has no place in the mind of a sane person. So I bit the bullet and got an amateur radio license. No regrets. Most of the intelligent CB'ers from those bygone days are now over on HAM, as I am, because it is the only place left where we can find actual intelligent conversation on radio.

    I love looking back at what was, those days of awesome talk on CB. I had a SSB base in the basement with a giant metal quarter wave antenna on top of the house. I got all over the city, and even all over the world when skip conditions were right. But no one with any common sense would have any desire to be a part of it now. It is sad, very sad, that the CB community allowed this to happen.

    I am thankful that amateur radio still provides a haven for the intelligent among us, and by it's nature filters out those we seek to escape from. Let them have CB. They deserve each other.

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  4. Those days were wonderful times. I love the concept of QSL cards. Sadly, even on amateur radio it's a dying art with not as many bothering with it.

    Still, I have some fantastic memories of CB radio during its heyday.

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