Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jarts! The Terror on the Lawn!

Way back when I was a young redheaded 5th grader in the Somerset Michigan housing development I attended my friends birthday party just down the street. Jarts were the main activity.

Just looking at the box they came in might give you a clue of the dangers that lurked within.  The Jart on the cover, doing a 180 guided missile maneuver turning it's weighted stainless steel sharpened point back full speed at the family, gave subtle clues that you might be in trouble. Even the manufacturers were a little mixed up with their message. The illustrations showed kids happily playing the game, yet all cap warnings shouted "NOT FOR USE BY CHILDREN,""KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN,""MAY CAUSE SERIOUS OR FATAL INJURY" and "FOR ADULTS!"

Us kids spent an unsupervised hour or two setting up the hoop target as far across the lawn as possible and winging the Jarts as hard as we could. After that became boring I started seeing how high in the air I could throw them. Then I remember gathering up all 8 Jarts and throwing them straight up, one right after the other, with all my strength. I then waited while looking around the ground wondering where they would land. Wooosh THUNK! Wooosh THUNK! Wooosh THUNK! Wooosh THUNK(have you figured out that I'm going to do the sound effects for all eight yet?)! Wooosh THUNK! Wooosh THUNK! Wooosh THUNK!
Wooosh .... WHAT?!!
The final Jart was now sticking out of my sandal covered foot (I was always fashionable) having plummeted and burrowed right between the straps. I casually walked, with the missile firmly attached,  toward the birthday boys apartment while the other kids yelled and pointed at my foot. I don't remember it hurting, which isn't like me (stubbing my toe will result in 45 minutes of screaming), I was more bewildered by this new colorful accessory. The birthday mom's looked surprised (this was before people sued over this type of thing so she wasn't too carried away) and she had me put my foot on the chair as she yanked it out. I think I got a band-aid and was asked if I wanted to go home.

Since cake hadn't yet been served I decided to stay.

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  1. Actual LOL! Loved Jarts. It's a miracle any of us is alive.