Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Love You This Much!

Kieran and I have discovered the newest/coolest/hippest way to say "I Love You ...THIS MUCH"!
The old-fashioned folks just spread their arms apart to show the love. What is that?! 5 feet at most?!!
This method makes your love length go much, MUCH farther! Just put the backs of your hands together and shoot the palm love rays out into the opposite direction!
At the very least, they'll circle the Earth! Who knows? They might travel to the outer edges of the ever expanding universe before coming all the way around!
It'll come in very handy when talking about your parents, children or ME!

PS! Thanks to Kirsten Easthope this new worldwide craze now has it's very own emoticoms!
Use ")(" and ")<3(" on all your emails to show your true feelings!

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