Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chicago Sights!

I just returned from a 15 mile run (it quickly became a jog, then a shuffle, until, at mile 12, it ended by me crawling in circles trying to clutch passerby's pant cuffs while weeping that I don't know my name or where I live).
But through the pain, I thought only of you, my lady Blogger readers, and found a couple of nighttime hangouts where we could enjoy adult beverages, talk ab
out how I ran 15 miles, and, after a reasonable amount of protest, I'll give in to your pleading and let you squeeze my steel-like calf muscles.
Ow! Not so hard!
The Chicago 21 Club! I can't tell if it's still open, but the wooden doors keeping me out at 10am (my normal start up time at drinking establishments), are very well done carvings featuring BIGFOOT (all apes and monkeys are now officially Bigfoot to me)!

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