Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Tura Satana Art!

Did the cover for DC Comic's "Big Book of Wild Women", which, of course, included Tura.
Never heard of it?
Probably because it was never published.
Just asked DC to see if they can find the original art again (been trying to have the painting returned for about a dozen years) but I do have a fuzzy snapshot to prove it's existence...


  1. Oh, Mitch--! Your design for the cover of the BBoWW was so lovely! There were three more figures you did for it--Boadicea, Cleopatra, and Mae West. I'm so sorry that book never came out. It was just about to get shipped when they pulled the plug, and I've never recovered from it. The Philistines--all that glorious Good Girl Art just mouldering on the shelves at DC, some by artists like Marshall Rogers and Seth Fisher who have DIED since the book was dome. That's 175 pages of art that will never be seen, let alone all of my fevered writing, and your gorgeous cover art.

    "Regret" doesn't even begin to express my feelings about this. Thanks for remembering this lost project.

    Love from the past,
    Rev. Susie the Floozie
    The Church of the SubGenius
    WREKfm Atlanta

  2. THX! They "lost" my paintings for the book (all I have is a murky snapshot of the art), but I'd be happy to redo if they ever decided to put it on their schedule. :-)