Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mary Tyler Moore Hijinks!

I love art that is driven. Where you can tell whatever was brewing inside it's creator is just bubbling up to the surface and is gonna spew, so all you can do is get outta the way and shield your eyes.
These personal pieces are from the estate of... I can say no more... but they show the intense, crazy, dizzying fas
cination he has with everyone's sweetheart, Mary Tyler Moore. The under the mattress masterpieces are pieced together from porno magazines, TV Guides, newspaper clippings and photos snapped off the screen. Some are fairly tame and others would be completely obligated by red censor dots if I attempted to post 'em.
On a personal note, when I pass, if someone could just empty out my bottom left desk drawer and burn the contents (without looking), I'd sure appreciate it!

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