Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From the Archives!

1991 fever!
This was done for the huge Northalsted Day's block party here in Chicago. I first had the guy with the pipe mirrored on both sides of the gal, but, guessing since it took place in "boystown", was told by the organizers that it wasn't gay enough (I'm quoting). I responded that the pipe smoker was homosexual
, but they didn't believe me, so I had to change one of the faces to someone that they thought looked gay.
Art by committee! Oy!

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  1. Mr. O'Connell, tell us a story about the olden days of drawing!!!
    OK kids, gather 'round and I'll share an old fashioned painting tip!
    Now simmer down or you won't be able to hear!
    You see the purple and blue background design on this piece?
    (a nod of heads)
    First I airbrushed a blue over the area where I had cut an opening in the frisket paper, let it dry then dripped a stream of rubber cement over part of the area. Once that was on I airbrushed it again, bit this time in purple. When the rubber cement dried I just rubbed it of reveling the blue underneath!
    (hands are raised)
    What's "frisket paper"?
    What's "airbrushed"?
    What's "rubber cement"?
    (Mitch went to roof and jumped off)