Thursday, December 30, 2010

Orion Lives! Part 1

A flea market find for the ages... the complete Orion discography! I was so stunned I paid the crazy thrift store price of $2.99 an album!
"Who's Orion?" you naively ask. Orion is a perfect example of why I am glad to be in American. Only in these great United States would the marketing concept of "Elvis didn't die, but to escape the constant limelight and pressure, he fakes his death and remerges as "Orion". So, to make it impossible for anyone to know who he is, he continues in the same profession, puts out albums, sounds just like himself, looks just like himself (his face filling up all 12" of most of the covers), yet cleverly wears a domino mask to completely throw everyone off".
You'll never, try as you might, be able to poke a hole in that airtight logic!
Orion is the kinda guy that I would've offered to draw all his tour t-shirts, album covers and whatever he needed, just for a few comp tickets, but unfortunately he met a tragic end in 1998.
Visit his website- for all things Orion, and in the meantime, here's an article I took off the site that'll fill you in with the details of his amazing life (see Part 2).
The King is dead, long live the King!

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  1. Hey Mitch - I'm making a feature documentary about the fascinating, rollercoater story of Orion. There's more here: nd we're on Facebook: Jeanie, Director