Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Addition to the Family!

We just had a delivery at the O'Connell household...
After a good two years of only doing laundry by turning on the dryer every once awhile to see if it happened to start spinning and on that rare occasion when it did, THEN yelling to the kids, "THROW YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES DOWNSTAIRS... NOW!!"
The 1980's dryer became even more fickle recently when it would trick me by spinning, yet never heat up. My most recent science project was discovering that clothes don't get less moist in a cold dryer no matter how many hours you let them go around.
Early in the month I was feeling flush having been able to pay off the last credit card bill, so Kieran and I went to kick some major appliances at Home Depot. And at the Black Friday $249 each, I had to go for it!
Slight problem though, when they were delivered, I found out that I'm not set up for an ELECTRIC dryer, I'm set up for a GAS dryer (Well, I found out when the movers explained it while they rolled their eyes). I thought since the old one plugged in (and I forgot about the gas pipe attached to the back) that I ordered correctly. God spent a little too much time on making me sexy and was a 'lil skimpy on the smarts. Anywho (of course) had to pay more, so the initial saving went away... but now we can have clean clothes again!
OK children, lets do a load of whites!
Hmmmm... it seems I have a little extra room in the washer.
Guess it wouldn't hurt to toss in my pair of red pants too!

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