Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Magical Place!

And now, even more photos from our journey into the most magical land on earth, The Toy Museum of Mexico!
Finally my ploy of feigning that I'm a superstar in another country, (this time telling all of Mexico that I'm HUGE in America) pays off! Leo and I were privileged to be treated like royalty, given the red carpet tour of this wondrous collection AND lavished with gifts (I'm going to start telling everyone that I'm an icon in Mexico and see what I can get free)! I should have taken some long shots of the 3 floors of eye popping sights to appreciate the endless scope of plastic, metal, rubber and chalk creations. You're only being treated to the smallest speck of the complete spectacle! I could never get lost there as our hosts could always find me by the constant bursts of "Oh!", "Wha-?!" and "OMG!". Check out their website (
http://toymuseummexico.com/) for the behind the scenes story and then book a flight to see it the best way- in person!

Just follow this link for 100's of images...

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