Sunday, November 21, 2010

Art Lesson (two of four)!

This painting was a horror (as most are) because it seemed as if I forgot everything I had ever learned before. It looked like crap until the last day of painting (I got it up top "Not too bad", but I'll be telling the client it's "The BEST piece of art I EVER created!"). So learn from my mistakes: ALWAYS pick out your colors beforehand. Since the client wanted pretty much the same color scheme, I just winged it. I ended up doing a lot of the colors twice 'cause I made bad choices the first time. You want to avoid thinking as much as possible when doing the actual painting (don't worry, there'll still be plenty to get irritated about). Try to solve every problem before slapping on the paint. I airbrush a lot of the flat colors (I spray through shapes cut out of vellum paper or through french curves and ellipses when painting), then I go over 'n around that with a regular paint brush.

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