Sunday, November 21, 2010

Art Lesson (three of four)!

Also a problem with full paintings, they can go on until the end of time. Rules for stopping a) you're making more mistakes than improvements and b) you are about to go insane (one reason why there are not individual windows on the skyscrapers. I would have ended up finding one of those skyscrapers and jumping out of a window). A crutch now with photoshop, I got the painting to 98% done and knew I could clean it up on the computer. Spent 6 more hours making it extra shiny. A computer is much more relaxing than than my "bless this mess" drawing table, where everything I put down disappears instantly within the chaos.
Another mistake, ripping the paper peeling off frisket paper or too tacky tape. The kids had used up all my low tack "drafting tape" on art projects, (If a dad yells, "Stay out of my studio!" and no one pays him any attention, is he still really talking?) I used some other tape to hold things in place while airbrushing. It took up a layer of the paper. Now you have a surface that'll never be smooth again. Until today! Just discovered that 000 sandpaper will smooth it right out.
Old dog/new fleas!

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