Saturday, November 2, 2013

You're only as old as the sum of the years since you were born!

There's a new magazine for the "active lifestyle" generation! Produced by my dad, Robert O'Connell, and designed by Joseph Allen Black this is must reading (ie: having their caretaker read it to them) for one of those 50+ wrinkly people
50 years old is like your great grandparents).
So the next time you see a disoriented and lost 50 year old shuffling unaware through traffic with some sort of mushed vegetable stains on the front of their bathrobe and drooling (or is that butterscotch pudding?) on his way (the senior babbles) to "buy" a "cd" at a "record store," please shoo away the teen delinquents who have found his home address pinned to his sleeve in the hopes of returning him for the reward, and direct him to one of the 100's of California locations where he can get a copy of "LifeStyles."
The price is right, as it says on the cover "FREE" and added to avoid confusion underneath, "TAKE ONE."
My dad's guarantee?
TRIPLE your money back if you aren't delighted.

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