Monday, November 11, 2013

Cleveland Rocks!–

Good Times!
Thanks to everyone who made it out for the fun (!
Even if you missed that night ANYTIME is great
to visit the cluster of fine shopping that is RE/Dress
A Separate Reality and Kollective Tattoo.
Andrea Thornton knocked out some
beautiful M.O'C designed tattoos
(I give her full credit for the "beautiful" part)
and speaking of beautiful (I'm smooth),
Ava Adore, Carmen M’Knoxide and Ginger Rockwood
flattered me to no end by presenting hot 'n heavy
burlesque routines inspired by
characters from my tattoos!
The jam packed appreciative audience needed at least
45 minutes to recover from all that sensuality!
AND- Amy Payne gave me a tour of
all of Cleveland's varied thrift,
oddball collectible and tacky treasure shops,
but I found nothing to to add to my
personal museum off the tacky.
That is, until we went back to her own store!
I filled up the car with the weirdest wonders
of knick-nacks EVER
all from the best store EVER, a Separate Reality
(and you should too)!
Thank you Ohio!

The stars of the evening (and me)!

Andrea brings joy to Tim Harnett with
a "Live Fast Die Young" tattoo!
Here's wishing Tim a much longer life!

I'm only posting pics from the beginning
of each burlesque routine. Later (more "adult")
photos are $12.95 for 5 by 7"'s and $18.95 for 8 by 10''s.
Contact me for availability.

Ginger sends the crowd into outer space!

Don't be Hatin'!
There's only one Mitch O'Connell.
Deal with it.
Amy Payne was kind enough to let us stay at her
digs during our Cleveland stay.
This is the beautiful view in the guest room that lulled me off to sleep.
If that decorating is not to your liking,
just open the door and they're hidden from view!
fyi- Amy, concerning the art on the floor(!),
you can get 16 by 20" frames at
Michael's Craft for about $8 each.

If you're anywhere near Ohio,
do yourself a favor and stop at-
Shopping at A Separate Reality!

There's a horrible (aka great) painting that I left on the wall
(and will have to return for),
but here are a few things we took home
from the #1 tourist destination of Ohio!

Fun Facts!

2678 West 14th Stret

Tremont City, Ohio 44113
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Phone (216) 644-7934

Record store, Vintage Oddities and collectables.
We buy your vinyl records, vintage clothing,
oddities, taxidermy and more!

A lovely example of the
horrors of Big-Eyed children.

This is the Alyson section of the shopping cart.
Obviously no where near tasteless enough for me.
The 36 other ceramic hung-over
dogs I have by the bar now have a new friend!

The crown jewel of the lot,
a 30lb stone life-size poodle on a pillow.
Why do I need this?
Do you realize how silly you sound
even asking that question?

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