Monday, March 22, 2021

Destroy All Monsters!

My Dad took me to a double feature of 'The Dunwich Horror' and 'Destroy All Monsters' when I was a couple years older than Aiden is now. I want to say it was on 42nd Street in New York, but who knows. I’m sure Destroy was the reason we were there, but before that started, I do remember Dean Stockwell looking shocked in some psychedelic sequence in the woods where a bed appeared, but that’s about it. Way back when, you either saw a movie when it came out in the theatre, or you waited until it might appear on tv. I would catch future Godzilla flicks at the 50 cent kiddie matinees, or on television for the occasional 3:30 movie 'Godzilla Week' (perfectly timed so you could run home from school to catch ‘em). To add to the thrill that day, my dad entrusted me with some cash money ($5?) to venture forth and go pick out whatever I wanted from the concession stand. When I returned, balancing popcorn, Jujubees and Snowcaps though the darkness, he was sound asleep (something I’ve also been guilty of when taking my kids to the cinema). I woke him up when it was over (I needed the ride home).
Today I continued the tradition with Aiden, except I stayed awake for 'Destroy All Monsters' at the Music Box, our first movie out in a year. Even though he’s seen it multiple times, there’s nothing like a theatre and a bag of popcorn to take in the classics!



  1. I've always had a soft spot in my heart (or is it in my head?) for "Destroy All Monsters." Saw it at the drive in with my brother and some friends. We all cheered when the monster gang marched up from behind the hill with the big G in the lead.

  2. That's a magical tale and it is destined to be a rite of passage for your son's kids. Awesome post!