Monday, March 22, 2021

MARVEL #6! Grab It at a Comic Shop Today!

Pick up the newest and final issue of the Alex Ross helmed series, MARVEL #6 at a comic shop near you!
Here's a batch of in-progress peeks at my contribution, the exciting climax!


The layouts by Megastar, Superstar, HyperStar, BlazingStar, MostpopularartisteverStar, Alex Ross.

As per Alex's instructions (you know him as "Mr. Ross" or "Your Highness"), I was going for a black light poster vibe. When he often said, "I imagined more yellow.", I really didn't get what he was talking about. Until now (after it was printed).
Unlike "normal" black light posters, the Marvel ones were CRAZY with yellow. Sorry for being slow on the uptake!

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