Saturday, August 17, 2019

Everyone LOVES the 'Trump/They Live' Billboard!

When the first Trump/They Live billboard went up in Mexico City I got quite a bit of helpful feedback and constructive criticism. :-)
I'll be adding new insights/thoughts/prayers from the viewing public on the Trump "VOTE" billboard here too (just scroll to the end)!
And if you'd like to help keep the billboard up, please consider contributing @

I'd bet money that this guy is pulling my leg.
It's a little TOO funny to be real! :-)


  1. You're the best artist, Mitch! Ever!

    Michelangelo might as well have worked as a line cook at the Olive Garden after having seen your genius on display!


  2. I wish you success with the billboard. I gave anonymously (as I do not want to get rid of any more friends as a result of President Schlump). I also bought a pair of your Tijuana Bibles on Etsy.

  3. keep fighting the good fight! thank you!

  4. When you can get these morons riled up enough to lash out, you know that you have won. Thanks!

  5. James Czyz said it all: "Anyone that calls themselves the world's best is always complete trash in reality."
    Doesn't he know he's perfectly described the asshole in the WH?

  6. The worst response is no response. Well done, sir.