Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Strange Surreal Artistic Visions of M.P.C.!

This beautiful 1946 hand-painted epic, barely held together fragile binder of 12 by 12” browned paper, is a lovely mystery.
It seems like a fun Mickey Rooney-like teen fiction story with a strange dash of the surreal dream visions of Henry Darger. Who are the cat people, why are the dog kids, and is that a horse person? And what’s up with The Lone Ranger?! Artist “M.P.C.” is fantastic, and as a fellow illustrator, I think I’ve swiped some of the same pin-up reference she used (I’m going with a female artist- the horses were the giveaway). It has it all, wrapped in a head-scratching David Lynch world of the charmingly strange.
I only wish I could get a peek of what Miss M.P.C. came up with next!

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