Thursday, October 18, 2018

Drive-Ins Are Your BEST Entertainment Value!

Drive-In Delights!
On my quest to do everything I want to do under the guise of doing it for my son, we finally made it to The Cascade Drive-In and the McHenry Drive-In for two evenings of movie-going fun! At the McHenry Drive-In Theatre for Batman ’89, if kids came dressed as their favorite superhero they got free popcorn. The concept thrilled Aiden, not thinking that all the popcorn he gets is free! :-)
The last time Aiden enjoyed a movie under the stars was Return of the Living Dead, but luckily for worried childcare caseworkers, he was just months old and mostly looked at the sky before he fell asleep.
A 5-Star recommendation for ANY drive-in, so make the family trek to yours (even if it might be a 90 minute drive)!

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