Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Trump Tijuana Bible! Naughty Cartoon Sexual Hi-Jinks in the Oral Office! NSFW!

'Tijuana Bibles’ or ‘8-Pagers’ were palm-sized pornographic comic books produced from the 1920s to the early 1960s. The usually crudely drawn hardcore thrusting and pumping was illustrated by anonymous artists, and produced in secret printing facilities, as these spunky pen and ink hi-jinks violated about 20 different ye olden laws. Their popularity peaked during the Great Depression era selling millions of ‘under the counter’ copies. 
These were were obscene parodies of popular newspaper comic strips of the day, such as "Blondie", "Dick Tracy” and "Little Orphan Annie". Others had popular movie stars and sports stars of the day going at it hot and heavy such as Mae WestClark Gable and Joe Louis, and some had famous gangsters and politicians getting it on every which way from Sunday.
Well I thought those were just memories from a bygone era, until I came across a source while taking my annual Tijuana vacation and bought all the store had, which was a boxful of little porno pamphlets called “Donald Trump in 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me’?”
It’s 8 (not including covers) sweaty 3" by 4 1/4" pages of palm pounding fun as our President and the lovely Superstar Stormy Daniels (plus a
 surprise love interest) get it up, get down and get it on!
MUCH TOO SHOCKING to be reproduced here!
I’m sure it’s already been smuggled across the border before I came across it, and there may be other new titles available, but I’m happy to
 share the stash I’ve got of this one with YOU!

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Examples from the 1000's of Ye olden titillating Tijuana funnies!
I'll NEVER give away the exact location of my source
(unless it involves jail time or any sort of fine)!
How did this photo get in here?!

Using the Freedom of Information Act, I was able to obtain FBI sketches based on eyewitness accounts of what Artist/Writer "I.P. Freely" might look like!

Or could be this feller...
Or maybe this guy...

Smugglers have be caught sneaking the erotic pamphlets through customs in hollowed out copies of "Trump, The Art of the Deal"!

When I think of a World with one less copy of the Best Book Ever for our schoolchildren to read, it just turns my stomach!
Photo of dangerous left leaning liberal smugglers caught at the border with thousands of Tijuana Bibles!
They will NEVER destroy America's respect for our favorite President!
An artist sketch of the possible owners of the pornographic Tijuana publishing company!
This just in!
The only know photograph of the possible publishers, and kidnapped innocent American children, forced to staple together their disgusting X-Rated smut!
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