Monday, August 27, 2018

Do You Dare Enter 'Scott’s Vintage Antiques and Collectibles'?!

If you find yourself anywhere near Aurora, Il., have your first fun stop be Scott’s Vintage Antiques and Collectibles! If you like to peruse items that previously might only be found in sideshows, haunted mansions and in your nightmares, Scott’s is the place for you! Just head off to 105 S River Rd, and with the half dozen freaky creatures posed in front of the house of horrors, it can’t be missed! Owner Scott is like your favorite uncle. Well, maybe just an uncle. An odd uncle that no one has heard from for quite a few years, but if something horrible happened to him and he had ended up in jail, you wouldn’t be surprised.
In this case it turned out he's running Scott’s Vintage Antiques and Collectibles!

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