Monday, December 18, 2017

A Visit to the Barbershop!

His first real haircut.
I’ve been enjoying my almost year long hair experiment with Aiden. His locks have remained untouched to see if that ‘li feller hairstyle would evolve into a Richard Simmons, a George Harrison or a Cousin It. Instead, it kinda became a tousled tumbleweed of confusion that generated responses from, “She’s so adorable” to the head shakes that seemed to express that a male parent just dosen't understand how to groom a child. In addition, my much wiser sister started to helpfully email lists of ‘fun’ local places for kid’s styling.
So just to fine tune the mop of mayhem, we went to the only Barber Shop I personally would be going to if God hadn’t taken back my beautiful strawberry blonde curls,
Pete’s Barber Shop.
Knowing that my youngest son likes to shriek at every step of the process of hair washing, drying and combing, I promised a Happy Meal if he behaved. And he was a little gentleman the whole time. It helps that Pete’s is an arrested development feast for the eyes with colorful toys, posters and knick-knacks overflowing from every corner, so Aiden felt right at home. Many ‘thank-you’s” followed by polite “I’m done now”
began as soon as he sat in the chair.
Scissor Superstar Johnny Lopez didn’t get to go too artistic since I was only going for a ‘clean-up’ (the Elvis ducktail and sideburns will have to wait ’til next time) but at least now I won’t have concerned neighbors alerting the DCFS.

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