Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top 10 Weird and Wacky Family Fun Things to do in Utah!

We took a little family trip
(eldest son Leo, daughter Kieran and wee newest addition son Aiden)
from Salt Lake City to Provo, Utah via I-15,
so if you ever find yourself in the same situation,
I've scoped out the family-fun highlights for you!
Of course, it won't hurt if you share my mindset of looking for
attractions that lean to the oddball and offbeat!

#1. Bowling!

The bowling alley was torn down last year,
but the 10 story sign is still up (thank goodness)!

2265 S State St., Salt Lake City, UT
No, not picking out a new pet at the Utah Humane Society,
but a visit to The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum!
Don't let the displays of 100's of extremely dour portraits of those pioneers fool you,
very friendly folks run this jam packed 3-story museum,
and if you're lucky, they'll hand you a free piece of delicious taffy on the way out!
We went there for the 2-headed calf,
but forgot to look for the famous loaf of bread from 1893.
Next time!

300 N Main St., Salt Lake City, UT

Stop by the Rainbow Neon Sign Co., to pose with the
Mr. Spock bust on the roof.
And for extra fun, pose with his legs leaning against the back building!

257 W. 3300 S., Salt Lake City, UT

A stop at Gilgal Park, a very cool folk art environment
featuring a two-ton sphinx carved with the face of
Mormon church founder Joseph Smith
749 E. 500 S., Salt Lake City, UT

Nursing Home Stonehenge
Built in 2012, this Stonehenge is the symbol
of an oddly-branded eldercare facility.

538 S. 500 E., American Fork, UT

Eat like it's 1979! 
A no-frills, cash-only spot for American diner fare such as pancakes,
fried chicken & bread pudding.

1301 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

No matter how tall you are, no peeking!

The "Museum of Ancient Life," is the best dinosaur museum I've ever been to!

I didn't take many pics of the dinosaurs, but they're spectacular.Everything looks like a Ray Harryhausen set-up. I mostly focused on those cone shaped squid things that freaked me out as a kid!


Mormon missionaries UFO!
147 W. Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT

Best used bookstore in Salt Lake City, "Utah Book and Magazine"!
327 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, UT

The giant letter "Y" (look at Leo's finger)!
For "BYU" (Brigham Young University) but only the shorthand Y was made.
A zig-zag trail leads up the mountain to the letter,
for those who want a close-up view.

Terrace Drive, Provo, UT 

I'll have to find the exact address, but for some reason
an optometrist on University Ave in Provo has stuffed polar bears in the lobby.
Anyway, I'm glad they did, especially when the youngest
O'Connell is wearing a bear outfit for a great photo opp!
Thrift Store shopping!
Too much Thrift Store shopping!
Black light mini-golf, the most fun you'll have in Provo!
Make your first stop at "Laser Assault,"
264 N. 1000 W., Provo, UT and if you have the energy left over,
enjoy a round of Laser Tag and 100s of arcade games! 

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  1. Thanks for making a chronical of this fun trip- I adore the photo of the kids walking with baby bear. Looks like so much fun!